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ZLD-6A Automatic spouted pouch filling capping machine

This machine is specially designed with elevator and conveyer, six filling heads, piston filling type, 6000 pouches/hour. Working process: Automatic pouch-loading--no pouch detection--filling--feeding and inserting cap--cap detection--capping by magnetic torque heads--discharging--transport

KFJ-4 Automatic coffee capsule filling and sealing machine for Nespresso

7200 capsules/hour; rolling film; high filling precision; no cup no filling; no lid no sealing

BHJ-4 automatic cup filling and sealing machine

According to customer's requirements, this machine is specially customized for two different filling methods: measuring cup filling and piston filling, respectively filling granules and liquid, increasing blowing function, equipped with hoist and sheet conveyor. It is a multi-purpose high-speed automatic filling and sealing machine.

Automatic rotary bag packing machine for cream

According to customer needs, this machine is specially customized for filling 2000ml cream by twice filling.

JOYGOAL Automatic double-sided labeling machine

Handheld semi-automatic cbd oil cartridge filling machine cart shooter filler gun

Precision fills 0.5ml-2.5ml in 0.5ml increments. Cartridges, Pens, Syringes, ETC.

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