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automatic liquid sauce packing machine production line

Hot pot base is an indispensable part of our daily life, which is loved by the masses. Speaking of hot pot base, she has different flavors, there are many we can choose in the choice, spicy hot pot base, butter hot pot base, soup hot pot base, hot and sour hot pot base, tomato hot pot base, bacterial soup hot pot base, then you need the use of hot pot base packaging machine, With the automatic liquid sauce packaging machine production line, we can see the complete packaging of bag hot pot bottom products on the market. The bag type spicy hot pot bottom packaging machine uses prefabricated packaging bags. Finished packaging bag pattern, sealing quality is good, high grade. The packing range of the machine is wide. The bag type spicy hot pot base packing machine can choose different filling devices according to different packaging materials, which can realize the packaging of solid materials, liquid, paste body, particles and other materials. Machine standard automatic monitoring device can detect air pressure, temperature control instrument failure, bag on the machine, bag mouth is open to judge the state of the machine, to the bag type spicy hot pot bottom material packaging machine can control whether the coding machine, filling device, heat sealing device action, so as to avoid waste of packaging materials and raw materials, save the production cost.

Bag type spicy hot pot base packaging machine is widely used in condiments, hot pot seasonings, sauces, seasoning sauce bag and other industries of automatic packaging special models. Hot pot bottom material packing machine has the characteristics of high measuring precision, fast packing speed, no sealing pollution, anti-material filling drawing dripping, beautiful bag shape and so on. Optional exhaust, punching device and other functions. In the use of this spicy hot pot bottom material packaging machine, we should also pay attention to its maintenance problems, any automatic mechanical equipment should be maintained at a fixed time, once there is a problem, it will bring great problems to our production, loss of enterprise interests, resulting in losses.

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